Are you tired of playing 8 hour long poker sessions and only earning penny’s grinding out the micro stakes?

Let’s be honest, if you are reading this your most likely playing 4-8 hours per day. Sitting behind your pc with atleast 8 tables open at all time. MICRO STAKE GRINDING with maybe $5 per table.

You must get tired of continuously dumping your hard earned money to these FISH.

It’s time to take action today and move your game up to the big boys tables !

Good bankroll management and plan of attack is KEY ! You should start by setting up some goals. How many hours can you play per week? per day? How much money can you afford to lose in a bad session? These are all important questions that need to be answered before you can step up your game.

Other important questions are : Do you play tournaments? Do you play zoom? If so how many tournaments per day? and how many time do you finish in-the-money?