Welcome to IGAMBLEFORFREE.COM , here at igambleforfree we will teach you how to be a better poker player by providing you 14 high quality FREE poker lessons.

It’s early 2019 now and being a winning poker player is extremely hard without knowing the fundamental mathematical basics of poker !

Most losing players make one simple mistake : THEY DO NOT TAKE ENOUGH TIME TO STUDY THE GAME before playing with real money.

No-Limit Texas Hold’m lessons :

  • Lesson 1 : Basic EV calculations.
  • Lesson 2 : Bankroll management.
  • Lesson 3 : Understanding low pocket pairs.
  • Lesson 4 : Understanding high pocket pairs.
  • Lesson 5 : Why pocket ace’s are a fold or all-in pre-flop.
  • Lesson 6 : When to play tight and nitty.
  • Lesson 7 : When to play agro and crazy.
  • Lesson 8 : SNG’s VS MTT’s
  • Lesson 9 : Advanced EV calculations.

6+ NL Hold’m (Short Deck) lessons :

  • Lesson 1 : The 6+ basic’s. (6+ VS normal NLH)
  • Lesson 2 : 6+ Pre-flop betting ranges.
  • Lesson 3 : 6+ EV basic calculations.
  • Lesson 4 : 6+ Equity basic calculations.
  • Lesson 5 : 6+ hand ranges to call a raise or all-in pre-flop.

(All poker lessons on are designed for playing Online No-Limit Texas Hold’m in the Micro-Stakes & Low-Stakes, except for the short deck lessons.)

All information on this website is 100% FREE OF CHARGE. There are no hidden fees anywhere on this website. All information given on this website is the result of playing as a consistent winning player for over 5 years at both the micro-stakes and low-stakes online poker.

Trying to learn poker can be very hard, and the only good option seems to be to hire a poker coach to teach you the basics. Poker coaches are great but they can be very expensive (they can charge anywhere between $50 & $500 per hour/session)  We try to share only accurate and useful information in the most easy to understand way that we can think of on this website.

We want you to have fun playing online poker and to win enough money in the long run to be worth the amount of time you play. Start learning today by clicking on any of our 14 lessons.