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Is baccarat still the best casino game in 2018?
Baccarat or “Punto Banco” has long been one of the most fair casino games.
With a nearly 50% odds when betting on player or banker it’s a much better choice then Blackjack or Roulette. But is it still the best? The most fair? and how to play baccarat with a winning strategy?
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Phil Ivey allready payed $10 million but still ows money to the Borgata for cheating in baccarat ! click here to continue reading

Tom Durrrr Dwan spotted in Las Vegas ? First interview in years ! click here to continue reading

Daniel Negreanu’s Youtube channel : $1 million poker buy-in THIS IS CRAZY !

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Patrik Antonius net worth 2018 : $30.000.000+ (Patrik Antonius owns liquid assets worth over $15 million and his total net worth is over $30 million)

But did you know that this Finnish Professional Poker Millionair still has ZERO WSOP bracelets???

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Watch how Phil Ivey “cheats” and wins while playing baccarat with his mandarin speaking partner :

Don’t you agree that it’s crazy how he still ows money to these casino’s in 2018?

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